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Woodbridge, VA 22191-1446

About Universal Dynamics, Inc.

At the forefront of the plastics processing industry since 1957, Universal Dynamics, Inc. designs, manufactures and distributes high performance auxiliary equipment, material handling and drying systems. Whether you are building a plant from the ground up, expanding, upgrading or wanting to improve the overall performance of your plastics process, the UNA-DYN product line offers high performance, energy efficient, simple to operate solutions with controls that require minimal user interface.

In addition to machinery sales, UNA-DYN offers superior customer support, technical support and our own Integrated Systems Group (ISG) to assist you. With more than 50 years of experience in the plastics processing industry, we are ready to assist you with all your design, building and installation needs, or with equipment integration to optimize an existing plant system from initial planning through start up.

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Products by Universal Dynamics, Inc.

By Universal Dynamics, Inc.

Quick start, reliable performance and low maintenance; the VANTAGE series of dryers are designed to meet today’s most demanding drying specifications. This dryer delivers steady process air flow, drying temperature and low dewpoint throughout the entire drying cycle. Housed in an attractive... Read more »

By Universal Dynamics, Inc.

PureFlo eliminates the need for ordinary maintenance of the vacuum receiver (filter cleaning) and improves the conveying capacity of the overall system. The plastic granule moves through the conveying pipes carried by an airflow generated at negative pressure by a vacuum unit. The velocity the... Read more »

By Universal Dynamics, Inc.

An extremely simple system to measure productivity and efficiency of the feeding line. In order to have an instant and precise measurement of the quantity of material transferred from the container to the hopper, allowing operators to take prompt action on the machine’s operating parameters... Read more »