Lung-Meng Machinery (USA)

10438 NW 31st Terrace
Miami, FL 33172

About Lung-Meng Machinery (USA)

Lung-Meng Machinery (USA), Inc. sells and provides service on blown film machines, printing presses, bag machines, profile extrusion, injecting, blown molding, thermoforming machines and other plastics and packaging machines. We also provide extruder upgrade service and carry some auxiliary and thickness measurement equipment.

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Products by Lung-Meng Machinery (USA)

By Lung-Meng Machinery (USA)

In extrusion, we carry wide range from one inch wide, single layer, 25mm(dia.) laboratory use extruder to the six meter wide, multi-layer, 3 x 150mm(dia.) blown film co-extruder. We also carry a zipper profile extruder and variety of water or air cooling die face cutting recycling equipment. Read more »

By Lung-Meng Machinery (USA)

In printing and lamination, we can provide from the very simple single color flexographic printing machine to the high speed, high quality, 12 color computer control gravure printing machine in order to meet the different demand from our clients. Read more »

By Lung-Meng Machinery (USA)

Lung Meng Machinery (USA), Inc, carries a variety of bag making machines, including bottom seal, side seal, double bottom seal and some other special sealing machines. Those machines are able to produce T-shirt bag, Produce bag, patch handle bag, merchandise bag, zipper bag, garbage bag and all... Read more »

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