New STARGRIP-X TPEs Open Doors for New Range of Sheet Applications

Press Release from Star Thermoplastics Alloys & Rubbers

BROADVIEW, IL (February 5, 2014) - When one thinks about "grippy" thermoplastic elastomers, most likely the first thing that comes to mind is grips for items like golf clubs and bicycle handles.

No longer, thanks to Star Thermoplastic Alloys & Rubbers, Inc.

New TPE formulations from the laboratories of Star Thermoplastic Alloys & Rubbers, Inc. now guide processors to introduce covers, stubs and wraps that are grippy and protect expensive gadgets.

The benefit is the opportunity to improve a wide range of products, from laptops and tablets to stapler bases and laboratory equipment to ensure they remain stationary on just about any surface. When combined with haptic technology these products provide gaming controllers and other motion sensitive components a much needed "personalized comfort factor". Thus, a cell phone cover made from StarGrip-X® TPEs won't slip off an automobile dashboard, a stapler will remain in its place during the stapling process, a tablet will "stick" to the palm or lap of a user, a gaming device won't slip off a table or lap, or the possibility of a laboratory test instrument falling off a countertop simply won't happen.

The easily colorable, easy-to-process new TPE for a myriad of applications, is available in small to large quantities. It is available in a wide range of hardnesses, ranging from 20 to 50 Shore A. The remarkable new material can be used in sheet or mat form or molded to conform to the shape of any product, such as the cover for a tablet.

STAR, founded in 1993, is a leading provider of thermoplastic elastomers with many production lines to fill both large and small orders, a full-service laboratory and trained sales and technical support personnel across the continent. Company products are sold under the trade names StarFlex™, StarPrene®, StarMed™, StarTuff™, StarXtrude™, StarLexar™, StarPet®, StarBond®, StarClear®, and StarGrip-X®. With its newly enhanced chemicals laboratory, STAR has the ability to duplicate any existing TPE with improved formulations and at better prices.

For more information on this new TPE, contact Star Thermoplastic Alloys & Rubbers, Inc., 2121 West 21 st Street, Broadview, IL 60155. Tel: 708-343-1100. Fax: 708-343-1110. Web: . Email: .

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