Nordex Inc.

426 Federal Road
Brookfield, CT 06804-2018

About Nordex Inc.

Precision Mechanical components and assemblies. Standard components, modified components, custom made to print parts.

Our experienced Engineering staff coupled with our skilled manufacturing technicians will partner with you to produce your product. From prototype to production. Manufacturing, Engineering, Assembly, Testing, Custom Machining and Gears for every application.

Fully integrated, turnkey solutions.

Over 31,000 standard components available at our online store:

Bearings, Bushings, Idlers and Balls,
Belts, Flanges, Pulleys & Pulley Stock, Sprockets and Chain,
Component Mounting Accessories,
Couplings, Clutches, Cams, Brakes, Universal Joints,
Fasteners, Hardware, Assembly Tools,
Gearboxes, Speed Reducers and Drives,
Gears, Racks and Worm Wheels,
Linear Motion, Lead screws and Nuts,
Positioning Stages and Slides,
Shafts & Shaft Related Products,
Worms & Worm Shafts

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Products by Nordex Inc.

By Nordex Inc.

Nordex offers a large variety of spur gears. Spur gears are manufactured in several styles and materials, including 303 Stainless Steel, 2024-T4-Alumnium anodized before cutting, and nonmetallic materials with a twenty degree pressure angle and varying sizes of pitch, face and bore. Nordex... Read more »

By Nordex Inc.

Nordex Manufactures Timing Belt Pulleys to Industry Standards as well as Custom Pulleys. The improvements in timing belt technology allow close manufacturing tolerances of the profiles which helps create the smooth entry into and out of the mating pulley. This both reduces wear and provides... Read more »

By Nordex Inc.

We utilize advanced equipment to enable us to produce parts that were not possible several years ago. With the availability of additive manufacturing technology, we can dramatically reduce the prototype cycle. Our experienced Engineering staff coupled with our skilled manufacturing technicians... Read more »

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