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  • Investment Casting

    Impro is a global leading manufacturer of high-performance and mission-critical investment castings. We cast parts with complex design criteria from more than 100 different ferrous and non-ferrous alloys. Our vertically integrated capabilities include in-house tooling design and manufacture,... Read More
  • Precision Machining

    At Impro Industries USA, we are a leading provider of precision CNC machined components. We specialize in manufacturing high-complexity, performance-critical components for a diverse group of industries, including automotive, hydraulics, aerospace, medical, and energy. Serving companies... Read More
  • Sand Casting

    As part of our one-stop integrated manufacturing services, Impro offers sand casting for the production of high-precision, high-complexity, and mission-critical parts. Our resin sand casting processes include both highly automated machine molding and manual molding operations for medium-sized... Read More

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  • Comparing Investment Casting to Die Casting By

    Investment casting and die casting have much in common but there are also some distinct differences. These relate as much to process economics as to alloys and the performance/functionality of the cast parts. \nThis eBook provides a comparison of the two processes. Individual sections address:... Read more
  • When to Use Investment Casting By

    The purpose of this eBook is to identify the characteristics and capabilities of investment casting that give it an “edge” over alternative processes. Once armed with this knowledge, readers may want to assess the potential benefits of using investment casting for their existing and future designs. Read more
  • Serving the Energy Industry with Precision Products and Global Solutions By

    In the energy industry, it is imperative that components used in energy equipment be able to withstand extreme temperatures and other environmental factors. The eBook provides an overview of the products and services Impro offers, including investment casting, precision machining, and sand... Read more

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