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Vacuum Investment Casting (Click to enlarge image) Vacuum investment casting yields extremely high quality metal parts with fine detail and excellent surface finish. It’s also more complex than conventional investment casting and requires sophisticated melting and mold-filling equipment.
The Vacuum Investment Casting Process
Investment casting is used to create complex metal parts that need little secondary machining. The mold is formed by coating a wax pattern with a ceramic slurry. After the slurry has dried to a hard shell the wax is melted out to leave a cavity for the metal to fill.
In vacuum investment casting, the mold is made the same way but then air is pumped out of the mold cavity, before it’s filled with metal. Since the objective is to prevent the liquid metal from oxidizing, during melting and pouring they are both done under vacuum. This takes place in a vacuum induction melting machine (VIM).
The primary advantage of this process is the near total elimination of oxidation and porosity defects and flaws within the cast part. (Only “near” because it’s impossible to extract every molecule of oxygen from the mold.) Furthermore, it prevents non-fills caused by air pockets.
Other benefits are that the process can form very fine features and exceptionally thin-walled sections because the vacuum ensures the cavity is completely filled. In addition, surface quality is excellent.
Metals for Vacuum Investment Casting
Any metal suitable for investment casting can be processed under vacuum. However, the process is most often used with nickel, cobalt-based superalloys and titanium alloys as these metals have exceptionally high affinity for oxygen and form oxides readily. In addition, the high value of these metals and their use in complex, high-value products makes it beneficial to minimize scrap.
Impro casting specialists can help you decide if vacuum investment casting would be right for the parts you make. Contact us to start that discussion.

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