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  • Manual Pump By Battery Watering Technologies

    The manual pump should be used when filling one or two batteries with water. Read More
  • Medical Investment Castings and Sand Castings By Impro Industries USA, Inc.

    Impro manufacturing plant facilities are ISO 13485 and AS 9100 certified. We produce and supply highly-customized and critical medical components to global OEMs with high quality, competitive pricing, reliable delivery performance and services. Investment Casting We pour castings in stainless... Read More
  • Membrane Switch By JRPanel

    The membrane switch is composed of six layers: Graphic overlay, upper-adhesive, the upper circuit, the isolation spacer, the lower circuit and the back adhesive. The contact of the upper circuit is downward, and it is in contact with the point of the lower circuit. The circuit contact bounces... Read More
  • METALLIC COLORS By Tosaf, Inc.

    Special-Effect Color MB for Injection Molding A close look at the trendy automotive manufacturing industry, shows that design features are extremely challenging, becoming increasingly sophisticated and customized. The high-quality design of products continues to gain importance in many areas,... Read More
  • Mine Development, Construction, Reclamation and Contract Mining By Ames Construction, Inc.

    Ames Construction performs mine development, mine facility construction, contract mining and mine reclamation work for some of the worlds largest mining companies. Ames has a wide range of experience, including pre-production stripping, turnkey mine development, contract mining, mine closure... Read More
  • Modular Guardrail By HySafe

    HySafe offers this modular guardrail. It is a passive fall protection system that is easy to assemble on standing seam and metal deck rooftops. This guardrail weighs between 1.1 lbs. to 3 lbs. The lightweight design reduces the weight load on the roof. This permanent system is made with steel... Read More
  • Mold Chutes & Guideskirts By MAC Automation Concepts Inc.

    Typical applications are conical or spherical shaped small parts below 200 degrees. All Guideskirts are made of soft pliable gray bondcote material, which protects delicate parts from surface damage and can withhold temperatures up to 200 degrees. All Guideskirts come complete with mounting... Read More
  • Mold Shields, Chutes & Skirts By Plastixs

    Mold Shields™ are crystal clear plastic mold side curtains that prevent parts from scattering while allowing you to observe the molding area and monitor parts production. As the mold opens and closes the Mold Shield correspondingly unwinds and recoils with each press cycle. Kit includes two side... Read More
  • Molded Products By G-M-I, Inc.

    Molded Products are molded rubber gaskets and other parts using ASTM, FDA, NSF, 3-A Sanitary, RMA, USDA and USP Class VI approved ingredients and/or materials, specifications and standards thereof as well as other Non-Metallic materials for various standard and customer specific applications. Read More
  • Morris Couplings, Tubing, Pipes and Bends By Plastixs

    Morris Coupling offers and extensive inventory of straight tube and pipe in a variety of materials and wall thickness and a complete line of tubing, fittings and bends for industrial commercial and institutional vacuum systems. Typical applications include wet/dry material clean-up, high... Read More
  • Mould Design & Engineering By Plastic Navigation Industrial Ltd

    Our mould design director has more than 20 years’ experience in the mould industry; our mould construction engineers all have over 10 years of experience. All of them are very familiar with every manufacturing process and procedure as well as mould components standards such as HASCO, DME and... Read More
  • Mould Making By Plastic Navigation Industrial Ltd

    Our tooling factory has all the necessary equipment required in the mould manufacturing process including high & medium speed CNC milling machines, EDM machines, wire-cutting machines, grinding machines, drilling machines, lathes, milling machines, mould testing injection molding machines and so... Read More