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  • OEM/ODM Product development&Manufacturing By Plastic Navigation Industrial Ltd

    Plastic Navigation can offer one-stop service: Product Design & Prototyping Mould Design & Tooling Injection Molding Decoration - Assembly - Testing Small batch & Mass production Professional Project Management We can be your product development & manufacturing partner,and make your... Read More
  • Oil Filters and Elements By Plastixs

    Triple R filter elements remove particles down to 2μ, water and oxidation residues. Designed to cleanse industrial oils, removing everything from solid particles to water to sludge, varnish and oxidation residues all within a single element. Triple R housing is designed to accept oil under very... Read More
  • Oil/Water Separator (T.O.S.S.) By Edjean Technical Services, Inc.

    EdjeTech’s oil water separators are designed to improve process efficiencies, and help enterprises save thousands of dollars that would otherwise have been spent on waste disposal and maintenance. As oil and chemical costs continue to chart an upward growth graph, it has become imperative for... Read More
  • One-Stop Solutions By Impro Industries USA, Inc.

    Parts like pistons, cylinder blocks, housings and valve spools go through many steps on their journey from raw material to finished components ready for assembly. Casting processes, precision machining processes, heat treatment and surface finishing all take time to perform, and when each step... Read More