White Papers for Manufacturing, Shipping, Transportation & Distribution

  • Sand Casting Design GuidebookBy

    This guide offers advice on when sand casting is appropriate and how to design parts that will cast well. Sections address: Process overview, Strengths and limitations, Suitable metals, Dimensional control, Casting sand and surface finish, Casting defects, Design considerations
  • Plastic Colorant Options 101: Pellet vs LiquidBy

    Both technologies have advantages and disadvantages. Feel free to download our quick overview of both liquid and traditional pellet options followed by two case studies in which color-processing challenges were overcome using a new pelletized color technology solution.
  • New BOPE additives from Tosaf for agile and efficient response to new market trendsBy

    The transition to BOPE requires manufacturers to incorporate special additives that are specifically tailored to the new orientation process. While formulating these advanced additives may seem futuristic, Tosaf has effectively responded to the BOPE trend by creating a new line of innovative...
  • Feeders satisfy plants hunger for expansion.By

    Acrison Equipment helps GE Plastics meet their aggressive requirements for increased production and stringent end product quality requirements.
  • Particle Nucleation in Chemical Foam ExtrusionBy

    Recent emphasis on light-weighting has foaming technologies being explored by all facets of industry. Endothermic chemical foaming agents are especially desirable due to low-to-zero impact on the environment. Different methods of nucleation to control the cells formation are offered to control...
  • eBrochureBy

    Download our eBrochure to learn more about CPTechnologies Company.