White Papers for Manufacturing, Shipping, Transportation & Distribution

  • Sand Casting Compacted Graphite Iron

    Success with CGI requires specialized equipment and deep foundry expertise, but those alone aren’t enough. Parts to be cast in CGI must be designed appropriately too. Impro has the necessary equipment and expertise and can help customers design for this material. This eBook reviews the...
  • Mayim™ Modular Flood Barrier - Brochure

    Modular Flood Control System The Mayim™ Flood Control Barrier is an easy to deploy flood control system that installs quickly and stores compactly.
  • LASIT Company Profile

    We are the only laser marking system manufacturers in Europe who customize their products like tailors do with clothes. For us, meeting your requirements is a pleasure because they give us the opportunity to create and complete new and highly technological products, finding always new solutions.
  • Plastic Colorant Options 101: Pellet vs Liquid

    Both technologies have advantages and disadvantages. Feel free to download our quick overview of both liquid and traditional pellet options followed by two case studies in which color-processing challenges were overcome using a new pelletized color technology solution.
  • Particle Nucleation in Chemical Foam Extrusion

    Recent emphasis on light-weighting has foaming technologies being explored by all facets of industry. Endothermic chemical foaming agents are especially desirable due to low-to-zero impact on the environment. Different methods of nucleation to control the cells formation are offered to control...
  • eBrochure

    Download our eBrochure to learn more about CPTechnologies Company.