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  • G2 and G3 technology from Carolina Color Corporation increases plastic color options while reducingBy

    Plastic processors are always looking for cost-cutting options. Reducing color costs is one way that some processors have gained a competitive advantage. Yet, many processors are still confused on the best colorant option to accomplish that goal. Is liquid best? Or pellet? Both have advantages...
  • Feeders satisfy plants hunger for expansion.By

    Acrison Equipment helps GE Plastics meet their aggressive requirements for increased production and stringent end product quality requirements.
  • Particle Nucleation in Chemical Foam ExtrusionBy

    Recent emphasis on light-weighting has foaming technologies being explored by all facets of industry. Endothermic chemical foaming agents are especially desirable due to low-to-zero impact on the environment. Different methods of nucleation to control the cells formation are offered to control...
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